An anxiety survivor who has found healing and inner peace through the rituals of candle burning, Denniqua is someone who has spent her life learning to let go, live in the present and love herself unconditionally. Hopeful others are able to heal, unlock their potential and move forward by experiencing this same empowering relief, she has arranged a scented candle collection consisting of fragrances strategically created to make you feel beautiful, confident and comfortable in your own skin.
A labor of love founded by Denniqua in 2022, Imose Candle Company wholly embodies her hope, her passion and her personal belief that there is beauty in all of lifes blessings. She meticulously blends and pours every aromatherapy candle by hand with positive intention to bestow a sense of reassuring solace to your surroundings. Be still, breathe deep and regain control. Embrace the here and take comfort in the now as you indulge in the soothing aromas unleashed by her stress relief candles.