Q:  Why does my candle top look rough, and irregular after burning? 

A:  This is an indicator that the candle is made form 100% soy wax. When the candle cools at a rate that’s inconsistent, it creates an uneven top. However, the candle will still burn the same as the wax evens out in the melted state.

Q: Why does the candle wax become a darker color after burning? 

A:  We use natural wooden wicks in our candles, and the natural color of the wick will mix with the candle wax once the candle is burned causing a slight discoloration of the wax. 

Q:  How long can I expect my candle to burn? 
A:  You can expect the 7.5 oz candles to burn 40+ hours, and the small tins will burn 7+ hours.



Q:  Why does my candle have moisture on top?

A:  This is known as sweating.  When the candle sees a drop in temperature or is moved from one temperature to another, moisture from the fragrance oil may condense on the surface of the candle.  This is nothing to worry about.  It can be wiped away with a napkin. 


Q:  Why is there a smaller region of wax melted only around the wick of my candle? (Tunneling)

A:  This occurs when the candle is not burned long enough during its first burn.  The candle's first burn should be for 3 to 4 hours or enough time for it to form an even melt pool around the wick.


Q:  Do we do wholesale orders?

A:  Yes, we do wholesale orders.  Please e-mail us at info@imosecandleco.com for details.